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Cathodic Protection



Many homes in the Maricopa area are built on a post stress concrete slabs with copper water pipes buried in the soil under the concrete slab.  In Maricopa and area, the soil is very corrosive and the soil erodes the pipes through a process of electrolysis that will result in water leaks below your homes concrete slab.  The results of the water leakage will damage the interior of your home that will cost several thousand dollars in repairs and you will not be able to repair the leaks under the concrete slab.  Your only option will be to have all your water lines rerouted through you walls and attic space at a additional cost of tens of thousands of dollars for plumbers, drywallers, and painters fix your home.

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Our home was built in 2006. In January 2018, we noticed the sound of running water. Further investigation revealed water was leaking from under our bathroom vanity. We hired a plumber to fix the immediate problem. The plumber told us this is a common problem because of the caustic soil conditions in the Maricopa area. In order to access existing pipes, he had to cut 15 holes in our drywall to install new plastic pipes through our walls and ceiling to all the bathtubs and sinks. The whole project cost  around $7000.00 and neither HOA insurance or personal home insurance covered the repairs.

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Galvanic Cathodic Protection is the most cost effective way to protect underground  pipes. Let's be proactive and prevent costly repairs. It's not will it happen to me it's when will this happen.


There is a better option other than waiting for your pipes to start leaking. 

Call Ken at Arizona Cathodic LLC 520-217-9006 .  They  will be able to give you options to stop the erosion of your below ground copper water pipes.  Through the age old process of Cathodic Protection, they will be able to stop the process of electrolysis that is eating holes in your piping system. 

Cathodic protection is used all over the world to protect infrastructure such as; pipelines, metal storage tanks, bridges, seawall, ships hulls, offshore infrastructure and petroleum facilities, steel docks. city water lines, steel gas lines and your below ground copper water lines.

Corroded copper pipes


This is an example of what corroded pipes look like!  

Corroded water pipe sample from Bowling Green, KY 



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